Employee Highlight: Landon John.

Leading with Hard Work, Loyalty and a Commitment to Growth

When Landon John joined SVLP in 2016, he knew exactly what kind of leader he wanted to be – one that leads by example. And that is exactly the reputation he has built for himself within the company.

Landon started as a Foreman on the Run-of-River (ROR) project with BC Hydro. While on that job, which was highly technical, he demonstrated exceptional construction expertise, as well as an impressive knowledge of environmental sustainability. This project earned Landon respect among his co-workers and ultimately proved to be the catalyst for his rapid growth within the company.

Today, Landon is the Superintendent at SVLP, leading a team of over 100 construction workers on a wide variety of sustainable construction projects.  As a member of the Executive Team, he has been instrumental in supporting the company’s growth and mentoring his team along the way.  

“Like Atlas, Landon carries the construction side of Shxw’ōwhámél Ventures’ business on his shoulders and calmly handles any crisis thrown his way, earning him the loyalty and respect of his colleagues,” says SVLP’s Human Resources Manager, Doug Fletcher.

To an outsider, it might appear that everything comes naturally to Landon. Many of his co-workers have commented that his work seems effortless and that he is not easily phased. But if you ask Landon himself, it isn’t that it comes naturally, it’s that he has worked really hard at it.

SVLP - Landon John - Superindentent for Major Infrastructure Construction

“I mean, it’s kind of cliché, but it’s like the adage, hard work pays off,” says Landon. “With everything I do, whether it’s a complicated hydroelectric project or a simple clean-up around the site, I complete every task with pride. I want to make an impact on my team and my community – that’s what drives me.”

In addition to his work ethic, Landon is one of the most qualified Superintendents in the Fraser Valley. He has over 30 active and diverse certifications, including pipeline inspection certificates and an emergency medical responder license, further demonstrating his commitment to hard work and growth. Not only is Landon boots on the ground in the field, he also attends client meetings on behalf of SVLP. 

“SVLP does a great job of offering valuable training to all employees. We want our team to know that we believe in them and that this can be a long-term career, not just a job. I hope that they see my hard work and certifications and will want to follow suit.”

Before SVLP 

Before joining Ventures, Landon worked at Ledcor as a Sandblaster for one of their major projects in Alberta. In that role, he was able to show his talent and climb his way up the ladder quickly. Within a year in the Sandblaster role, Landon was promoted to Junior Foreman on the same project. 18 months later, he was promoted again, this time to Foreman.

After Ledcor, Landon worked with another construction company where he led a team on another major multi-million-dollar project in British Columbia. When he received a phone call from Alfred James, with a job offer he couldn’t refuse, he knew he wanted to take a chance to build a company from the ground, up and be a part of something incredible.

SVLP - Landon John - Superintendent for Groundbreaking of Major Construction in BC

“When Alfred James called me, everything changed. He offered me the Foreman position at SVLP and it seemed like a great fit. My only request was that my team had to come with me. Needless to say, Alfred agreed to bring all of us on and the rest is history.”

Landon’s Source of Inspiration 

So where does Landon’s inspiration come from? Without hesitation, he says, his parents.

“I come from a great family. My parents raised me to work hard and value my community. My mom was elected to Chawathil First Nation Council, and my dad is on the Seabird Island Band Council. Giving back to my community is something I don’t take for granted.”

Landon continues after an emotional pause. “The fact that my parents are survivors of the residential school system and still provided me and my siblings with a good childhood, is remarkable.”

 “It shows how strong my parents are. To have gone through what they did and still raise me the way they did, it gives me hope that I can be a positive force within my community”.

SVLP - Landon John - Superindentent for Heavy Construction in BC

Landon is clearly achieving his goal. Apart from his technical job duties, he is dedicated to mentoring the younger crewmembers and being there for them without judgement if they need a shoulder to lean on. SVLP has given him the opportunity to shine and he has stepped into that light with a clear mission: to elevate the business and his team.

“SVLP is the right company for me because of the alignment in our values. I’m happy to work for a company that prioritizes Indigenous employment and gives our people opportunities to gain new skills, certifications, and career advancements. I’m proud of how far we have come as an organization and can’t wait to see what the future holds.”

SVLP is focused on hiring new workers from all cultural backgrounds, and providing meaningful employment including gaining new skills, education, and experience in the field and on major projects. We invite you to visit our list of active job postings and join the Shxw’ōwhámél Ventures team today!

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