Our Services

Diverse with a full range of construction services.

Collaborative Construction

By partnering with industry leaders, we have built capacity to fulfill a diverse range of construction services. Combined with our highly skilled, Indigenous workforce and access to a variety of heavy equipment, Shxw’ōwhámél Ventures is committed to delivering all construction projects safely, on schedule, and in an environmentally compliant manner.

With our Indigenous knowledge, construction experience, and technical expertise, we add lasting value to every job we complete. We work with you throughout the lifespan of every project, from initial environmental assessment to reclaiming the land to a safe and natural state, actively seeking sustainable construction projects that build value for all industry and community stakeholders.

Heavy Civil Construction

From site preparation and earthworks to road building and bridge construction, we specialize in a full range of heavy civil and infrastructural construction services. Whether we’re clearing access for remote project sites or improving existing public infrastructure for growing communities, we minimize disruption to the environment and local residents on every project we complete.

Structural Building Construction

The goal on every project we complete is to bring lasting value to the regions we work in and support, which includes the development of structural buildings for families, businesses, and communities to thrive. Whether it’s for the construction of new buildings, additions, or renovations, our experience spans community and institutional buildings, commercial and retail facilities, and multi-unit residential development projects.

Underground Utilities

To ensure all communities we work in maintain a high standard of living, we offer a full range of underground utility installation and maintenance solutions, including sewer, water main, telecommunications, hydroelectricity, and natural gas utilities. Whether we’re installing new connections, maintaining existing lines, or upgrading outdated systems, we have the capacity to fulfill any underground utility project.

Environmental Construction & Consultation

As part of our ongoing commitment to be good stewards of the land and the communities we service, we ensure every project is completed with the highest level of environmental protection and safe practices in place. Whether it’s to install a culvert for an access road or prepare the land for a housing development, we effectively assess and design an environmental management plan before we begin construction near any environmentally sensitive area.

On-Site Safety & Security

We create a safe and secure working environment throughout the course of every active construction project we work on, protecting our workforce, equipment, environment, and the integrity of the job site. Our team receives ongoing, certified, and industry leading training, ensuring we always have an effective safety and security program in place, to accommodate a full range of heavy construction services.

Full Range of Supporting Services

Through our strategic partnerships with industry leaders, we offer a diverse set of supporting services to supplement any major construction project, big or small. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Traffic Control
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Workforce Accommodation
  • Fencing & Gates
  • And more
  • Heavy Equipment Hauling
  • Waste Management
  • Material Hangling & Transport
  • Picker & Crane Services

Highly Skilled Workforce

Our Indigenous and local workforce is highly skilled, experienced, and trained for specialized projects. With access to additional workers through our network of industry leading partners, we’re able to mobilize a team with the expertise and capacity to fulfill any project safely, efficiently and on time.

Equipment Fleet

We proudly own, operate, and maintain a wide range of heavy, earth-moving machinery and equipment, in a full range of sizes and equipment types. With additional access to partnering equipment fleets and operators, we ensure an appropriate mix of machinery for every project we complete.

Collaborate with us

Ready to Execute

With a diverse set of heavy construction service offerings, a highly skilled and local workforce, a full range of heavy machinery and equipment, and access to strategic partnerships with industry leaders, we have the capacity to execute on any project, big or small.