Shxw’ōwhámél Ventures Reflects on 5 Years of Indigenous Construction Leadership.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our new website at Shxw’ōwhámél Ventures (SVLP). Initially established as a labour workforce company in 2015 by Alfred James, CEO, we are proud of how we have grown SVLP into one of the most diversified, Nation-owned construction companies in British Columbia. As we take this time to share our recent achievements, we also reflect on the history of SVLP and how we arrived to where we are now.  

About Shxw’ōwhámél Ventures 

Shxw’ōwhámél Ventures is wholly owned by Shxw’ōwhámél First Nation, located on our main reserve Shxw’ōwhámél (Ohamil) I.R. #1 located in Hope, BC. Our vision is to participate in every construction project within our traditional territory and beyond. We have proudly partnered with 11 industry-leading businesses to expand our scope of services, giving us the capacity to pursue every opportunity that brings lasting value to our surrounding communities.

Not willing to stand idle and wait for opportunities to pass us by without our involvement, we intentionally structured SVLP to actively participate in all aspects of a project, from pre-construction and construction, to operations and maintenance. Through our commitment to our traditional territory and our people, combined with our vision for a sustainable future for our nation, Shxw’ōwhámél Ventures has the expertise, knowledge, equipment, and Indigenous local workforce to execute on any project.  

Our Accomplishments in 2020

As we reflect on the success we achieved throughout 2020, we are most proud that our team is a majority Indigenous workforce, across a full range of capacities and leadership positions. This includes Superintendent, Site Supervisor/Foreman, Safety Manager, and Project Coordinator/Administrator, in addition to Heavy Equipment Operators, Traffic Control Crews, and General Labourers. 

From a project perspective, one of the key highlights from this year was the successful completion of Phase 1 of the Workers Accommodation Complex with LandSea Camp Services. On this particular project, we brought on additional SVLP partners for support as subcontractors, including Paladin Security for on-site safety and security, Jim Dent Construction for site clearing, Progressive Fencing for internal fencing, Strad for equipment rental, Pioneer Truck Lines for equipment and material hauling, Liberty Construction Management for construction support, and Skwó:wech Environmental Services (Jacobs) for environmental management support. 

Seeing our partners work together on this project is something Alfred James has envisioned for SVLP since he began developing these partnerships over the past 5 years. We are excited to see our partners continue to work together and build strong relationships on future projects.

Similarly, other exciting construction highlights from this past year include the Highway 1 Realignment Project and site clearing activities for access roads with our long-term partner, Jim Dent Construction, which included hydrovac support from our partner Patrik’s Water Hauling

We are also excited for the work we completed with Liberty Construction Management on the construction of a new Community Hall and Health Care Centre for the Shxw’ōwhámél First Nation, which is designed with traditional Coast Salish longhouse details, with a traditional winter pit dwelling in the Sequel Elder’s Circle. Expected to open early 2021, this multi-use facility will provide a recreation, gathering, and health space for the community, while supporting cultural revitalization, ceremony, and connection to the land, through orientation to the cardinal directions and significant mountain views.

We look forward to continuing sustainable work with our incredible partners on major projects within our traditional territory throughout 2021, and we are excited to maximize every employment, training, and business opportunity for members of the Shxw’ōwhámél First Nation and other surrounding Indigenous communities. 

To learn more about how you can advance your career in an inclusive, supportive, and respectful work environment, visit our list of active job postings to join the Shxw’ōwhámél Ventures team.

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