Partnership Spotlight:
Patrik’s Water Hauling.

To help build our capacity and become the specialized construction company that we are today, we’ve partnered with like-minded industry leaders to work together on major projects. Our partners provide unique service offerings that allow us to participate in every opportunity within our traditional territory.

One of our partners, Patrik’s Water Hauling, is currently performing remote work as part of the Coquihalla-Hope portion of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. This portion of work includes Spread 5B pipeline construction, approximately 85 km of pipeline, and one pump station. The terrain in Spread 5B is rugged, mountainous, and requires heavily specialized equipment to operate within.

In order to safely work through the complex terrain and climatic conditions, our partnership invested in new equipment, including the Roughneck 250RH, to execute this scope of work. This is a tracked vehicle which provides hydro-vac excavation and daylighting in remote, rugged areas that a traditional hydro-vac vehicle is unable to safely access. This vehicle was a part of a $2-million equipment investment that Patrik’s Water Hauling contributed towards the project.

SVLP Patriks Water Hauling Roughneck 250RH Tracked Hydro-Vac Vehicle
Roughneck 250RH Tracked Vehicle, used to provide hydro-vac excavation and daylighting in remote, rugged terrain.

Colin Beera, VP of Operations at Patrik’s Water Hauling, spoke of the opportunity his business’ partnership experienced with their partnership with Shxw’ōwhámél Ventures (SVLP). 

“SVLP has introduced us to a variety of new projects in the Hope area that we would not otherwise have had access to”, says Collin. “Their partnership has helped us expand our business into BC and put down roots in this province.” 

SVLP Patriks Water Hauling specialized equipment for water and vacuum services
Part of Patrik’s Water Hauling’s $2-million investment in highly specialized equipment for water and vacuum services.

Shxw’ōwhámél Ventures is committed to being good stewards of the land, and will ensure all our work is completed with the highest level of environmental protection and safe practices in place. Colin echoed the importance of those values. 

“It was also important for us to work with SVLP due to our shared connection towards providing our work in an environmentally sustainable way. Much of the work we do is in remote, sensitive areas with freshwater and vibrant ecosystems. In 2011, we switched all of our equipment to operate using environmentally sensitive hydraulic oil, that is non-toxic, inherently biodegradable, and free of heavy metals. And while we are continually upgrading our fleet, we always favour low-emission vehicles.” 

Patrik’s Water Hauling completing safe, environmentally-sustainable hydro-vac excavation work in remote, rugged terrain.

Our capacity and speciality in construction is contingent on vibrant, shared-value, and prosperous relationships with companies like Patrik’s Water Hauling. Their unique purchase of specialized equipment speaks to our shared commitment of promoting industry-leading construction services in British Columbia.

If you’re interested in participating in major construction projects within the Shxw’ōwhámél traditional territory, please contact us to inquire about sustainable opportunities within our community.

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