Partnership Highlight:
Paladin Security.

Shxw’ōwhámél Ventures is proud to partner with Paladin Security to create a safe and secure working environment on every active construction project. As the leading training organization within the security industry, Paladin provides ongoing training courses and career advancement opportunities for members of the Shxw’ōwhámél First Nation community.

This partnership ensures our capacity to offer on-site safety and security as a service offering to our clients in and around the area of Hope, BC. Our work with Paladin creates a safe and secure working environment, protecting people, equipment, and environments during all our active projects.

Paladin Security’s service offerings are well suited for the remote, often geographically vast and complex construction sites we work on. With the remoteness of some sites, often operating 24/7, safety, security and wellness checks are a challenging obstacle to overcome, yet remain their main priority. Because of this, their sites require a large security team with capable equipment and personnel, making Paladin the natural fit as a partner.

Through its leading partnership with Indigenous communities, Paladin formed Skwo:wech Security, which gives members tremendous opportunities of training and employment, and a clearer path to a career in the growing security services sector.

Shxwowhamel Ventures Partnered with Paladin Security for Indigenous Construction Security
Pictured above: Rajeev Tauckoor, Client Service Manager, Paladin

“Our first priority is local Indigenous community members when a new position opens up” Rajeev Tauckoor, Client Service Manager at Paladin said regarding the hiring process. “All applicants are given access to training and prep material before going for Basic Security Officer training, conducted by the Justice Institute of BC. Once they pass, we apply them for their licenses, providing them with a clear path to a long career in Security Services.”

To further community engagement, Paladin covers the cost of the licensing process, which can exceed $600, as well as covers the cost of further certifications and training, like MOAB (Management of Aggressive Behaviour) a valuable, internationally recognized certification.

Pictured above: Shxw’ōwhámél Ventures participates in a community clean-up initiative. Our core values include work within all facets of our community, including security services.

Fully licensed and certified Skwo:wech Security officers not only help protect vital economic projects within our traditional territory, they also contribute to the safety of their community.

“We were tasked by the Nation to do a community patrol. This patrol was in response to non-Nation members using the community to dump stolen vehicles, and commit other illegal acts. Our team members set up checkpoints and performed community patrols which directly contributed to the safety of Shxw’ōwhámél First Nation.”

Equipped with modern trucks, virtually controlled CCTV security towers, and providing the best training and certifications within the industry, we encourage all Shxw’ōwhámél First Nation community members who may be interested in a Security career with Paladin to email us at

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